January 31st (I Think!)

wouldn’t you think
in this day and age
with all our technology
knowledge and monery
that we could make
each and every month
the exact same length?

and don’t quote me that
days of the month hath
this and that whatnottery
it’s no use to a brain
that’s a veritable sieve
and can’t remember one day
from anothery




Wasted Words

when you delete your poetry
it ends up breaking down into micropoetry
which in turn breaks down into waste words & letters
that pollute the literary environment

so remember please
every word is sacred
even in haiku

and broken words can be fixed
like people having breakdowns



we can remember
lest we forget
and how could we forget?
but in all the looking back
we forget to look forward
or even take sideways glances
and it’s oh so easy to turn a blind eye
to all that goes on in faraway places
for there are many today
who are too readily forgotten
let’s not forget them either