I dream I’m a tree (for Sylvia Plath)

I dream I’m a tree that waves its branches
each branch a different aspect of me
the I is the trunk that binds me together
the why and the wonder below the big sky

Look up! find my words as they’re waving
like hands on a clock forever for turning
the music box winds have broken my being
away from the living in a room full of I

Each leaf is a thought, each leaf is a memory
lingering on stems of hope and of failing
the sap is my life, the fruit for redeeming
though most will brown to wither and die

And blow they will to scatter and starvation
for none will lie at my feet for remembering
I dream I’m a tree and the wonder is me
but nothing, but nothing, can save me from I

looking over the edge…

I have been to the ends of the Earth
And looked over the edge
There was darkness the depth of which
Took away my breath and left me speechless
Come away from there you cried
But the pull was too great
The drop too enticing
The thrill seeking adrenaline junkie
Cliff jumping euphoria was too appealing
I was mesmerised for those few minutes
Captivated in a traumatised trance
Gripped by something other worldly
Temptation raged war through my blood
Pounded brain cells to incomprehension
Made me question my former sanity
Places I had travelled
People I had seen
Their homes and faces staring back at me
Laughing and cajoling and beckoning to me
And then
Your hand
Touched my arm
Your words
Brushed the darkness away
And retreating
I found your quiet embrace
The souvenir seller
The vendor of forgiveness
The future holder of all life’s secrets
And I bought them all and promised you
Would I go again to the ends of the Earth
And look over the edge to be tempted by the darkness that lies beneath.


Daily one word prompt: Darkness