Wood for the Trees

life can become overwhelming
for no obvious rhyme or reason
purpose and definition go astray

with no direction to call home
you lose yourself amongst wolves
and stray into darkened corners

but there are hands reaching out
and voices with reassuring words
waiting for your reappearance



Imagine please that I am blind

Imagine please that I am blind
Describe your home, life and mind
The colours, spices, faces, sounds
To me are joys that lie unfound

For I may never walk upon your land
Might never get to hold your hand
To kiss your cheek or eat your bread
So please, I’m blind, need to be led

Tell me of the native trees, the birds
The streams, the songs you’ve heard
Show me pots of steaming food and
Crowded streets with smells imbued

There’s more to words than just some ink
Please make me want to think and drink
Your culture, costumes, gods and more
This online world we walk to open doors

The water, wind and air we breathe
Is ours to share until we leave
Respect to you my fellow friend
Best wishes, hope and peace I send


turning to find an empty space          where only your words once haunted the void between us and the warm stillness of your body comforted the night under resting angel wings folded over me    your voice silent now      your heartbeat just an echo in my ear     a remembrance of a kiss lost in the foggy ruins of memory       abandoned     out of reach       blown asunder      evaporated      bleached by the blinding light of morning as I hide from the siren screech that hurtles down through time and breaks the back of all that was once worth living for        but you are gone now and forgetting is harder than living as the sun burns through a paper sky                 a celluloid distraction crackling this humid mindscape              birth                  renewal finding our way in a new daylight of dreams.

Hello You

I wonder who you are
why you come here
to share your soul and
spill your thoughts
into all these little boxes.

We are both so alike
yet with disparate lives
miles apart only
internet connected
through cabled wires.

I read your bio
what you choose to tell me
and make up the rest
fill in the blanks
pretend we’re old friends.

Where are you in this world?
I want to imagine your view
see what only you can see
when you write your words
on your laptop or phone.

Won’t you invite me there?
take me by the hand and show me
all that means so much to you
let me understand the why of your mind
and share some precious time.

One lifetime seems not enough
to put these words into all their many
convoluted combinations
to make sense of the turmoil in our heads
and make peace with one another.

We should meet up and say hello you
so nice to meet you and
have a nice day
it’s been fun
I love you.

Maybe then in this time and space
this world would be in better shape
if we all just hugged and said hello
and understood each other’s woes
all hatred laid to waste.

Anyways I’ve rambled on
you must think I’m daft
my head all wrong
it’s just reaching out
that’s all.


(original artist unknown. From a display on Worthing pier May 2016, West Sussex, UK. Photograph by Colin Hill. With this new blog site I promised myself to only post new writing but this piece seemed to fit nicely with my previous poem our place and was written not so very long ago on 12th June 2016. I was posting on a poetry site and wondering who all the other contributors were, where they lived, their lives and wouldn’t it be fun to meet up and share a beer or maybe more. It developed from there into more of a peace poem hence the link back to our place. And maybe some wishful thinking that on my forthcoming US trip I could actually meet some of these fellow poets. But alas, no invitations were forthcoming).