me and indoor cat and the sun god smiling

on my last morning in that room I woke to find
two grey cats sitting upright on the lawn
resembling Egyptian Bastet statues hewn from stone
under parting clouds that cleared to say
your time is done now slink away

I dozed beneath my red wool blanket
the indoor cat curled tight against my chest
its purring conferring some inner soliloquy
that questioned the need for getting up at all
when dreams held greater sway

when next I woke the grey cats were gone
had they ever even been there or were they
(as I thought) just a figment of our imaginations
borne on the perfumed scent of morning
that bade us move from here and be gone

and though the boxes were packed and loaded
and no future would now bind us to this place
we left after breakfasting on dusty memories
through the front door and down the street
me and indoor cat and the sun god smiling



I am tired of being angry with this world
of walking up mountains that landslide beneath my feet
dodging boulders that come tumbling across my path

I want to reach some sort of summit and stay there
hold my head up high to the sun and enjoy the view
happy in the knowledge I have found freedom

at last.


turning to find an empty space          where only your words once haunted the void between us and the warm stillness of your body comforted the night under resting angel wings folded over me    your voice silent now      your heartbeat just an echo in my ear     a remembrance of a kiss lost in the foggy ruins of memory       abandoned     out of reach       blown asunder      evaporated      bleached by the blinding light of morning as I hide from the siren screech that hurtles down through time and breaks the back of all that was once worth living for        but you are gone now and forgetting is harder than living as the sun burns through a paper sky                 a celluloid distraction crackling this humid mindscape              birth                  renewal finding our way in a new daylight of dreams.

The Cherry Venture Adventure

rusted ribs resist the salvage attempts
prefer instead the salted licks of coral seas
a battered sand blown year long deterioration
rivet by rivet    sand fly bitten
the tourists come    snap    gawp    marvel
climb aboard Jonahs on three night camp outs
four by four they land cruise up coloured sands
utes    jeeps    barbecued fleets of sun kissed cheeks
name one amazing thing you’ve done
and then move on.


Looking back I was lucky to stumble upon my Cherry Venture Queensland adventure for she is sadly no more. Finally broken by wind and wave she relented to the salvage man’s cutting gear and only the buried hull remains. But she has her own Wikipedia tribute page:

and for some downright Down Under weirdness you surely cannot beat this – six months in a leaky boat haha: