down the back straight (with thanks to Annie for the title)

it was the young woman’s hair that grabbed my attention
I could see it swishing from side to side as I grew near
tied up close to her scalp but free flowing through the air
long and like the mane of a horse but in such a beautiful way

as I neared I could see her power walking along the pavement
pink running shoes in stark contrast to all the gritty grey
white umbilical earphone cables dangled over her chest
connecting to the beat of her heart and the rhythm of her feet

I drove past this young woman in a ticking time bomb instant
her concentrated other worldly gaze unaware that I was there
she carried a self-confident demeanour whilst lost in thought
swishing her hair from side to side without a care


(I’m usually good with titles but can’t find one for this.
Please feel free to make a suggestion but don’t make it too obvious,
like ‘Swishing Hair’) 🙂


show me something red

I am driving  through a white van landscape that feels

The white corpuscle lines of dot-com deliveries
Traffic jamming
Under passing

Summer storms gutter flooding the soft verges
Washed out
Flat tire broke
Ego deflating
The uneasy driver

We are all paying for life’s highway maintenance
In vertical rain shards
In roundabout ways
In transit
In cold blood

Quick, show me something red like a heartbeat
A Ferrari sunset
Monroe’s lips
Albino eyes
Mushroom clouds

Climbing the hill now in a snaking switchback line
Losing speed


Painted Rocks

I wake
to a blank morning
your tears stain the pillow
like drops of memories left abandoned
on a melted heartbeat burned
and charred under this equatorial sun

another step closer the edge
another deep breath

a paradise for tourists
a flaming hell for the unbelonging
glinting sunlight on wave after wave
crests diamond studded and jewel reflected
as far as your eye could never see
when blinded by such darkness

another step closer the edge
another deep breath

I relive your last moments
imagine your plight
but it is unfathomable
lost to me on a dolphin’s dive
you are simply gone now
another name on a painted rock

another step closer the edge
another deep breath


(this piece links to my previous post – the memorial to those who had committed suicide by jumping from a cliff on Gran Canaria. I tend to use the theme of wide open spaces – sea, sky, deserts, highways – in which to arrange and hang my imagination. I try to leave enough room between my words for readers to place their own interpretations –  a dreamy vagueness perhaps. I might use this idea of linking from one post to the next as an aid to writing and exploring different subject matter. It is all too easy to get bogged down with the same old words and never realise that your writing has stagnated).