Insides Outsides Upsides Downsides

I put my shirt on inside out
That’s nothing much to shout about
I put my left shoe on the right
Wondering should I flee or fight
My words come out in mangled shouts
You may think I’m a simple lout
But truth be known I’m ordinary
It’s just my brain’s wired differently
It’s just my brain’s wired differently
But truth be known I’m ordinary
You may think I’m a simple lout
My words come out in mangled shouts
Wondering should I flee or fight
I put my left shoe on the right
That’s nothing much to shout about
I put my shirt on inside out


Listen . . .

I’m not a migrant
I’m not a vagrant
I’m not a benefit claimant
I’m not disabled
I’m reasonably abled
I’m white not brown or black
I’m in no minority or shanty shack
I’m not female or shemale
I’m not neutral gender
I’m not a crossdresser
I’m not young I’m middle aged
I’m middle class not disadvantaged
I’m of no fixed religion
I’m in a privileged position

but I won’t complain
when I see others campaign
for more share of the attention
or even a mention
because me and my kind
well it’s rather slipped our minds
that we’ve had it really quite good
for longer than I dare to remember
each January through December
so I’m happy to sit and listen
and hope we can be forgiven
let others with fewer choices
stand up and find their voices
it’s time to hear their stories

of how and why and when
life became this way for them . . .

only takes a haiku (or four)

only takes one drink
to drown a thousand sorrows
so you take one more

only takes one voice
to drown a thousand others
so you shout some more

only takes one hand
to slap a thousand faces
so you want for more

only takes one word
to say you’re truly sorry
only takes one word

A Solitary Star

a solitary star once burned bright in his eyes
it was the light that had kept him alive
it was the fire that stoked his imagination
it was the little boy left behind inside him

waving from the past as if from a photograph
the one that never got picked for the team
the one that pressed flowers from the park
the one that collected old postage stamps

making his way through life as best he could
dodging the verbal bullets of school bullies
dodging the beliefs that might tie him down
dodging false accusations from those who wrongly judged

perhaps the hardest lessons he never learned
that people could be so cruel to each other
that people thought only of themselves
that people cared little for the welfare of animals

dolphins and killer whales kept captive for entertainment
he joined the ranks of the angry minorities
he spoke out against injustice and inequality
he turned and walked away from confrontation

ever, ever, ever, would the world change?
time was running out for that little boy
time was catching up with his tired bones
time was mocking him with deafening silence

until one day it would all be deadly quiet
and he would sleep the sleep of all men gone before
and he would hear only birdsong and distant waves
and he would no longer be remembered

thankful would be his prayers
warm would be the sun on his face
peace would be his at long last…

Poolside Views

beautiful tattooed curvaceous views
sunlounger tanning without a care
washed up dripping rock lobsters
spit roasted and sun blushed grilled
barbequed holiday reading fodder
chick slitted with cellulite sinplicity
these all inclusive packaged wives

there is barely a cloud in the sky
the distant mountains are never climbed
only glimpsed through fake Gucci eyes
flip flopping thru on a Bacardi breeze

beautiful poolside tired bikini mumsies
making the most of this vacation time
cock sucking their beer bellied behemoths
loudmouthing males in sports bar dives
multi screened ashtrayed eyeliner nights
lolita daughters pouting ice cream lies
coach tripped out and sun lotioned thighs

beyond the no go perimeter nature stalks
sentient beings watch from dry river beds
fresh scented sheets are delivered daily
local widowed brides in starched white suits

these beautiful multi colored international turistas
skin toned graduated flesh potted palms
homogenised in aquamarine chlorinated waters
aerobic volleyballed under San Miguellified skies
eat all you want and go back for more gluttons
buy a sun hat buy a sun hat buy a sun hat
their hotel towels claiming favourite hot spots

Poseidon sea grass mulches the strip of shoreline
kite surfers trick out on azure boarded waves
see through sexy lace summer clothes
the stage tonight set for flamenco shows

her fingers play with the hairs on his leg
his mind undresses and fucks her from behind
entertainment laid on for the evening’s foreplay
you are beautiful people each and every one
you have all earned the right to be here
equaled out under this Mediterranean sky