Route 66 Revisited


Here is the original photograph taken through the back window of an old car that has been placed at the side of the road in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona where the course of the original Route 66 is marked by the old poles, the newer highway beyond.


and here is the car, a 1932 Studebaker (photo courtesy of the National Park Services)



Swipe (v.9.7.16)

Phish Michael the chieftaincy nighthawk

Michael the buffalo finisher

with easygoing visitations

sublisting coastal ziggurats

oboist nights twinkle

Katydid bigger than Chadwick


cherishing Icterus

kick-starting her nightreading

omnibuse universes inviting curtsies

punctuating the nightfall

the modern costar occurs finished

united under that effigy’s OS

Nah, the burgers are underwear

an omnibuse phaser nightdress

Gustaf hurrahs

reserves the cistern eduction

universes omnibuses

omnibuses nightdress

Willamette allows sleep boosting

undresses w increases

nightdress nightdress bursty omnibuses which birds nightdress omnibuses omnibuses backfire

his majesty McCurdy

musicians object to such under I’ve nursed

judged judged

hey all, get such CB in Utah

Hugh’s scything knife

SD, try to kings week DJ

DJ, Sergio’s wasteful wasteful lights

think Erich Onyx’s wiring

huge RD lighter

a further grudge fight

dryer high VHF

weigh the oiling search

hugging deduct stfu innings

so just offset

it’s hurrah


hairy idiot

ST, just UDF disturb gf

VH, the Irish dished

disused didn’t audit gig

did f Irish

rudish did


It came to me Zach Crusoe

kewpies and turkeys

wirebirds and bonesteel

trunk full of white rabbits

a young buck strapped across the hood

head full of bourbon and Mystique

head on full kilter ramrod

lodged milktooth scratching mosquito bites

rancid Vermilion Juice


seventy five eighty

Pump it up !!

Pump it up !!


Omnibuse Nightdress v.9.7.16


fever trail

his fever followed you everywhere

hot sweating on your scented trail
along the dried up gulches and riverbeds
between haze stolen mountains and eagle nests
down wild beast trails through river forests

hunting     grasping     future fishing
hurling vapid words into cliffside caverns
watching     waiting     they fall into silence

aborted echoes of long remembered dreams
fractured     splintered     headshot through
like every buffalo slaughtered on every prairie
like every severed horn piled high for the hunter’s glory

the shattered highway cuts through the turgid night
bisected by your starlit brilliance
two-fingered by your opened-leg malevolence
photographed     pornographed     thermographed

always hoping to catch and blind poker you
shackled     bound     all to his famished self
a wild dog gnashing ripping flesh from bone
stalked     snatched     blood-dripped sand

gloating over his prized possession
his hand smothers your gaping mouth
howls vent and scorn over your battered body
dissolving in a muddied pool of stagnated fury

he gasps     chokes back the grief     turns
follows his fevered trail everywhere
sweating your scented temptation

poisoned without you
poisoned with you
poisoned in you
poisoned you


(playing with imagery, mixing up the here and now with the bruised and burnished past, battlefields and seared landscapes, scars and shallow graves – nothing is sacred or lost).