Throw the stick
Throw the stick
Throw the stick

Not in the fucking water
I’ll have to go and get it now
Fuck it’s cold
But it’s my stick
Bring it back and drop it at his feet

Wag my tail
Wag my tail
Wag my tail

Can’t stop wagging my fucking tail
Don’t let him think you just enjoyed that
Every day it’s the same palaver
Don’t throw it in the water
I’ll have to go get it again

Where’s it gone?
Where’s it gone?
Where’s it gone?

Turn around and swim back
Why’s he running up the beach?
Come back you fucking idiot
Can’t stop wagging my fucking tail
Not letting go of my stick

Drop it boy
Drop it boy
Drop it boy

Fuck I dropped it
Now it’s covered in sand
Stop wagging your fucking tail

Woof woof
Woof woof
Woof woof

What did I do wrong now?
What d’you mean it’s time to go home?
So what if it’s fucking raining
Miserable bastard
Mmmm this shit smells good


wait for me…


Miklos Panos – Legend

Made up your name
It sounds like someone
Maybe Grecian
Or Hungarian
Miklos Panos
Where are you?

I can’t stop saying it
Day in day out
Played some footie
Scored for country
Miklos Panos
Where are you?

Say you’re out there
Living somewhere
On the playa
Costa Brava
Miklos Panos
Where are you?

Tell me something
Nod and quick wink
Black shirt open
Chest all golden
Miklos Panos
Where are you?

The girls adore you
Say they’ll kiss you
Secret whispers
In the discos
Miklos Panos
Where are you?

I can’t stop this song
Turning all wrong
Rhymes are all dross
Such a dead loss
Miklos Panos
We don’t need you

Sorry mate.

Miklos Panos PhotoPoem32

Lover’s Key

Beyond the covered decking

Quartz white crystal sands

Sparkle in the Gulf sun –

A line of rainbow umbrellas

Shield the beach goers

With their wheeled cooler boxes –

Stand up paddle boarders

And selfie stick young women

Lounge in the shallows –

Cloud builds from the south

Mid 90’s heat dips to bearable

Miniscule flies bite my ankles –

Along the shore Bonita Springs

And in the distance Naples rises

Like a mini Manhattan on the sea –

A cooling breeze blows through

Tourists disgorge from the free bus

A family prepares to leave –

I don’t have to do anything

Maybe read or write or draw

Clean air filters my thoughts –

The seagulls make the most noise

Circling and squawking their calls

Ever watchful for opportunities –


Beyond all of this the pelicans dive

They fill their shopping bag bills

With lunch from the fresh fish counter.



Sand Flies and Tea Tree Oil

I remember your face so well but then
your picture has travelled with me
down through the decades
28th March 1987 – almost thirty years ago
you must be what, forty now?
I don’t even know your name
never took the trouble to write it down
you passed me with your mum and dad
their 4×4 robust compared with my very
unsuitable 400cc Suzuki road bike
not the ideal transport on an undulating
sandy track through Aussie rainforest
four hours to cover six kilometres!
the whole campsite cheered when I appeared
that’s one amazing thing I’ve achieved
although at the time I was scared shitless
as the light faded and my confidence waned
but it was worth it just to find that beach
and the Cherry Venture wreck
sharing food and camp fires
magical moments that stayed with me forever
I wonder how they shaped your life
young boy with the cheeky smile
all covered in sand in your Lufkin hat
do you remember being stung in the sea
and my tea tree oil took away the pain and tears
the sand flies were a menace too
big fat bastards but easily swatted
if you kept your wits about you
and let them settle before thwacking them dead
it all seems such a long time ago
a distant echo on so many waves
a million tides of crashing surf
I hope life turned out well for you?

beach boy2

(Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Southeast Queensland and the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. It was virtually unheard of in the UK back in the eighties but is now globally widely used in many products for its antimicrobial properties despite evidence in its favour being low, according to Wikipedia. This poem links back to my previous posts on the The Cherry Venture wreck if you skip around my little Haiku Hiking interlude. Where to next I wonder).

The Cherry Venture Adventure

rusted ribs resist the salvage attempts
prefer instead the salted licks of coral seas
a battered sand blown year long deterioration
rivet by rivet    sand fly bitten
the tourists come    snap    gawp    marvel
climb aboard Jonahs on three night camp outs
four by four they land cruise up coloured sands
utes    jeeps    barbecued fleets of sun kissed cheeks
name one amazing thing you’ve done
and then move on.


Looking back I was lucky to stumble upon my Cherry Venture Queensland adventure for she is sadly no more. Finally broken by wind and wave she relented to the salvage man’s cutting gear and only the buried hull remains. But she has her own Wikipedia tribute page:

and for some downright Down Under weirdness you surely cannot beat this – six months in a leaky boat haha: