Haiku Scanners



between clouds of uniform solidity

between clouds of uniform solidity

a breath taking harmony decreed

in topographic light transmissions

salient life forms scaled the trees


forbidden minds in locked obedience

chance takers from neon quasi-fields

forced through an eye into a sequence

magnetic needles jab waring screams


came as locusts on a plague storm

sharpshooting minds along the way

underground laser fighting troops

fornicator warriors must be obeyed


they saw the parting of the death cloud

prayed on bended knees to gods above

burnt their faces within a fire shroud

counted out the last breaths of love


I’m on a slight sci-fi roll if you hadn’t noticed 🙂

upon them were written our names…

upon them

               were written

                                our names


in telescopic waiting visions

as far as mortal eyes can see

through portals & portentions

our dimming sun fuelled galaxy


by ice ship teletransportation

alien invaders were conveyed

death ray laughter motivation

a human race to be destroyed


                                  our names

                were written

upon them