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~ Been a while since I visited this page. A few novels have passed through my hands but here is my latest, an enjoyable romp through the 20th century as seen through the eyes of Early “Trenchmouth” Taggart – a one time inventor, snake handler, cunnilinguist, sniper, woodsman, harmonica man and newspaperman. Here is a cleverly crafted tale interwoven with real events and people (Trenchmouth or Chicky Gold as he becomes known meets Chuck Berry and JFK). Time to head for the hills of West Virginia and make me some moonshine. 1st April 2017


~ Roy is still young when his father, a failed dentist and hapless fisherman, puts a .44 magnum to his head and kills himself on the deck of his beloved boat.

Holiday reading. August 2016.


6 thoughts on “Currently Reading

    • Actually I was reading it in a tent whilst camping in bear country which was even more scary if you’ve ever read it. I switched to Ham on Rye by Bukowski which I devoured in the tent and more appropriately in seedy motels. That done I traded in the suicide book at a thrift store and picked up a copy of Enemy Women by Paulette Giles which is set in Missouri during the American Civil War in the 1860s. I must update this page! Cheers Graham.


  1. Don’t forget Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie” it would be a good yardstick (albeit old) to some of your road trip aspirations, impressions etc.

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    • on the list! Nothing wrong with old Graham. I horde Penguin classics but I don’t suppose I will ever read Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire or Plato’s Republic. Just typing them gives me a headache.


      • Morning Colin, I’m well into Gibbon’s Decline and Fall. A pal of mine got it me for Xmas. It’s very well written, and not quite what i expected; more conversational, less forbidding. Obviously there are parts I find more or less interesting; I’ve particularly enjoyed the sections on the founding of Constantinople, and early Christianity – they liked a good schism in them days.
        Adios amigo


      • Good luck Andy. Gosh this blog is a bit out of date. I’m reading Hombre by Elmore Leonard which is complete paperback Western trash compared to Gibbon’s D&F but hard to put down at bedtime. I should update this but my lappy hard drive has died and I’m waiting for it to be repaired so struggling on with the phone. Smart but more fiddly. Got your message on WoL btw. Cheers for this ‘n’ that. Col.


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