from Woodstock to Laurel Canyon

from east to west and in between
I stared into many faces
held motel towels against my own
until my eyes bled sunsets

and my head hurt like the road

the beat of the day tormented me
I cried under many rocks
made outlines of my feet in the desert sand
until my skin burned

and my heart burst into years

you are the movie of your life
at least that’s what the people said to me
from Woodstock to Laurel Canyon
I painted away the fallen leaves

until the weather broke

until the seasons spoke to me
of car crash ditches full of fallen friends
where the blood ran to the sea
time frozen in a standing ovation

as we went our separate ways

4 thoughts on “from Woodstock to Laurel Canyon

    • Thanks VJ. I wrote this after watching a documentary on The Band recently and although this is not really about them or Joni or all those other musicians from that era who lived in Woodstock and Laurel Canyon, it did send me off on my own cross country journey. Reading it again I am rather shocked by my own involvement, if that makes sense!? Hope you are both doing good. I don’t seem to get around WP much atm. Busy summer!

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