vulnerability wears many different guises
which one is your mask? which fits your face best?
for sure for sure there's no one size fits all offer
no refer to manual, age requirement, when you pass go etc
we're told to look out for each other, check in, check up
or is that tune in, to what? what can you hear exactly?
is it my heart beating in irregular rhythms? oh my oh my!
or the voices and noises that crash like drum kits dropped
from the tops of skyscrapers one after another after . . .
well, you see, if you keep passing them to me 
I will have no choice but to keep pushing them over the edge
yes, the edge, where height restrictions do not apply
playground bullies jeer far below - jump! jump!
passing clouds flash walk, don't walk, walk, don't walk
I can't make up my mind, vulnerability has gotten a hold of me
I lack self-confidence, I'm the wrong sort of modern guy
the situation calls for some measure of fluidity, neutrality
but I'm rigid as these 'scrapers, can't learn new tricks at my age
not woke enough, I'm old skool but not hip or hop or hep
vulnerability comes in many different colours too
lying in bed listening to the wind bend the poplars
how much extra would it take to bring them down, to fell?
to start again, a new-born in a winter storm, naked
and useless, with nothing to confess, no sin or sorrow
no reason to be there, do any of us? I don't know . . .
but death will break us, some random car will fail to stop
walk, don't walk, look right, look left, look behind
hold your head up high, exalt the light that shines
in shafts between the buildings and trees and step out
something or someone has your name and is waiting