untitled lives

the boxes are full of dead people
they smile and wave at me without motion
frozen in time but lacking cryogenic hope
there are so many of them it becomes overwhelming
the past is a silent place filled with muted voices
only I can put the words into their mouths
only I can tell their stories in my own words
and if I dump the boxes in the trash?
who will know they ever lived and loved?

5 thoughts on “untitled lives

  1. Very thought provoking Colin, really got me thinking, some poignant themes here that I thought were articulated well. I enjoyed reading this greatly,

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    • Thanks Hannah, it’s great to receive feedback like this – glad you enjoyed. I recently had to take the difficult decision to move my Mum into a care home at short notice in order to guarantee her continued care during these difficult times. I brought home all the personal family items from her house for safe keeping. Rummaging through all the boxes of photos, postcards, letters etc led me to write this. Thanks for the follow btw. Have followed you back and will check out your writing when I get a moment. All the best, Colin.

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