ghost town

I’m gonna rent me a ghost town
somewhere in Texas or New Mexico
next to a widescreen view of rolling nothingness
where the big sky just keeps on giving
and the I-40 steals the passing trade

It’ll be my very own drive-in movie
my flaky painted drive-thru takeaway
with authentic kitsch Route 66 memorabilia
an abandoned motel and rusting gas station
that passers-by keep passing by

I’ll sit out on someone’s old front porch
maybe read some Zane Grey cowboy tales
whilst watching the tumble weed doing its thing
and once in a while I’ll wave to a mirage
a biker riding the road that never ends

Yes I’m gonna rent me a ghost town
where even the ghosts have upped and left
and no-one can take away the big sky
or my freedom to sit and wait for when
nothing in particular happens

5 thoughts on “ghost town

  1. How about the occasional mirage of the bike girl in Vanishing Point! That would be worth sticking around for! Lovely descriptives here CH. Another road trip beckoning! Be well G.

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