Peter and the banker

you’re not smiling now said Peter to the banker
as he turned him away from the gates he guarded
who do you think you are turning up here
with a champagne bottle in one hand
and a frightened young lady clutching the other?

bloody chauffeur wasn’t looking where he was going
said the banker to Peter most mournfully.
he caused the crash that killed me and the blonde
I see you let the chauffeur in ahead of us
so what’s the deal my friend?

the banker offered Peter a wad of notes
but Peter was looking over his shoulder
nodding to an elderly gent to come on through
freshly arrived from a Swiss clinic
beaming with gratitude at being accepted

Jesus Christ said the banker
this is worse than getting into a London nightclub
don’t you know who I am and how much I’m worth?
for heaven’s sake I have an OBE
for services to banking and the financial sector

yes I know who you are said Peter
removing the hospital tubes from a young girl’s arm
and opening the gate for her to go through
yes you’re the one who loaned the money
that destroyed the rainforests

that helped pollute the land and oceans
that forced the innocent poor into destitution
yes you’re the one who took advantage
of those most vulnerable across the world
like your lady friend here upon your arm

who I am pleased to say is most welcome to proceed
which she did with a smile and a wave
disappearing into the white dry ice cloud beyond
the banker tried to follow her but Peter held him back
without appearing to lay a hand upon him

if you wouldn’t mind taking the stairs over there
keep walking down and someone will meet you
I’m afraid it’s policy to only allow in those
who have overall made good with their lives
and as you can see I am very busy

the banker shuffled off mumbling under his breath
followed by a politician and a military general
Peter sighed and wondered would they ever learn
these selfish humans consumed by greed and hate
wouldn’t it be easier to just all get along?

9 thoughts on “Peter and the banker

  1. It will be interesting to see how it all irons out in the afterworld. This reminds me of the story of the fire and brimstone preacher who had a near death experience, and proclaimed to be turned away, told that his preaching focus was all wrong. Upon revival, he gave up his religion and turned to more humanitarian work.

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