What if God has already died?

clinging to life
despite unquestioning faith
trying every treatment and trick
in the good book

taking medicine and praying for miracles
noting that neither appear to be working
money can only buy a little more time
a precious commodity

already borrowed more than half a fair share
and to be afraid of dying or admitting failings
unable to reason with creation’s end
sand through fingers run

I would be happy to go if I believed in something
I’ve always thought life is harder if you have no beliefs
Is God answerable to His own God?
What if God has already died?

nothing matters
we bounce along life’s potholed highway
avoiding oncoming traffic and unexpected
t-bone collisions

clinging to the wheel
we hope and love and cherish whatever we find
the best adventures are the ones in which we forget
the beginnings of poems about death

9 thoughts on “What if God has already died?

  1. The age old Q eh?
    One thing is for sure, we all find out eventually.
    I have been watching a series of programmes about the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and how the fabulously opulent tombs were robbed and often desecrated. I wondered how those Pharoah’s faith would be shocked by knowing this would happen or even if they could understand that immortality must only happen in a different dimension. Strange.

    Trouble with you Mr Hill is that you make me think on a bloody Monday and I haven’t got going yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At least you know what day of the week it is Graham! I missed that programme you mentioned although did see it advertised. Interesting point. I’ve been enjoying the comedy Ghosts on BBC1 recently. Catch it tonight or on the iPlayer.


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