when I was born
my mother wasn’t there
the clouds parted
I tasted my first air

when I was a child
my father chose to die
the country widened
beneath an open sky

when I was a man
my love abandoned me
the birds began to sing
setting my soul free

when I was old
my heart declined to beat
the setting sun burned
consuming me in heat

when I was reborn
my life began once more
mistakes and lessons learnt
repeating like before

5 thoughts on “addendum

  1. This is very clever Colin. There is an inevitability in all this don’t you think? I think that I have decided that, If I outlive my wife I may get rid of most of my chattels in favour of living more simply. Sort of half way house so to speak. I like your poem here, it addresses such a cycle of life. I don’t believe in the reincarnation bit though. Good work my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t believe in it either Graham but it created a convenient poetic cycle or circle or something. I don’t often agree with myself at the best of times! Ambiguity poetry. Thanks for reading mate.


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