total release

lying limpid
dissolving into the dust
the sun failing to persuade me
back into life

I can feel the tendrils of her curls
the hot breath from her lips
she leans over my departing spirit
and whispers . . .

. . . here is where you wanted to be
the mountain eerie away from noise
in sight of angels spiralling down
to collect your soul

and all the memories you ever held
will be gathered for eternity
shared amongst the stars
to forever float free . . .

. . . this then
is the finality of my life
the pending obsolescence of flesh
total release

what poetry can be found?

what poetry can be found
in the eyes of an abused child
or the mutilated body
of a bomb blast victim?

what poetry can be found
in a drug addict’s veins
or the scars and bruises
on a beaten woman’s skin?

what poetry can be found
on the empty plates of the poor
or in the dried up rivers
where water once flowed?

what poetry can be found
in the minds of the mad
or the trafficked soul
of a once proud nation?

what poetry can be found
in the terrorist’s ideology
or the promises of politicians
who lie and deny?

what poetry can be found
on a dying planet
or in the plastic filled guts
of beached whales?

what poetry can be found
in the closed ranks of men
or the narcissistic poets
seeking likes and affirmation?

what poetry can be found
when the pen runs dry
or the heart stops beating
with the essence of love?

oysters and samphire

we shared oysters and samphire
the sun melting through layered clouds
until, drowning with a hiss, it disappeared
and all that was left were empty shells
tossed over shoulders on the midden heap
mingling with fish bones and salty wishes
old spells cast from our ancestor’s hands
the same sun and sea bearing witness
to this trial of life blown across the seasons
winter now thankfully behind us
young lambs gambolled over the dunes
each evening straying just a little bit further
like the lengthening spring days
and your long curly hair in the pine breeze
filaments of the finest electric silk
that stroked my cheek as jellyfish tentacles
might drift about and inadvertently sting
but for me it was all I desired
and desire was in our hearts

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my beautiful girl

my beautiful girl
went gallivanting off
into the storm
her curls in the clouds
twisted in tree branches
her siren song
whistling with the wind
peeling with thunder
lightened with laughter
her bare feet squelching out
the loughs and the seas
she formed the mountains
with her breasts and thighs
no rest or sleep
whilst I wept and worked
her galley slave oiled and lustful
chained to the oar locks
I dragged across the heavens
the stars for her
and fitted them one by one
into the orbits of her eyes
where shining like diamonds
she became forever
my beautiful dream

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