Shepherdess II

I wear the fleece of my mother’s skin
around me wrapped like a body blanket
a bag of gifts and good intentions
warm affections and familiar smells

no sacrificial lamb am I
for through this needle’s haystack eye
do I travel through the birth canal
my Shepherdess has opened wide

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my Shepherdess cradles her little lamb
she comforts him with tender hands
abandoned, desperate, stumbling blind
her breast she offers for him to find
suckled, nourished, love divined
Shepherdess save me from my mind

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Isn’t that just how dreams are meant to work?

I followed you like an orphaned lamb follows
a shepherdess, blindly bleating, jumping for joy
until you cut my throat and stifled my hunger
with your severing knife of cruellest steel

I know, I know, I didn’t sleep well last night
someone kept calling me out in all my dreams
I suspect it was you but I couldn’t hear your voice
and isn’t that just how dreams are meant to work?

they trick you into believing you are safe with them
that clouds and lambs and eiderdowns are
merry-go-rounds with familiar sounds and
there are painted smiles on the turnstile ponies

but on reflection, in the cold light of morning
I should have heeded the warning signs
and if by chance you should come my way again
leave at home your knife of severing pain

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Happy New Year Haiku!

so warm in my bed
like a foetus in a womb
not wanting to leave . . .

A big thank you and hugs to all of you for reading my poetry over the past year. Your support and encouragement means the world to me. And as our world becomes increasingly more divided it is obvious how much we need to communicate our hopes and fears in thoughtful and considered ways. Good luck with your writing over this coming year. Come find me when you canĀ  and I promise to read as many blogs as possible when time permits. If you enjoy a bit of Twittering, haiku, micropoetry and one-line musings then please come follow me here @ColinHillWriter
and I will follow you back.

Love and Peace to you in 2019.

Colin xx