Hi Anya, I was just thinking about you and when I popped in from chopping logs I found you’d left me a like. Drop me a line via the contact page – would love to hear from you. Hope you’re keeping well. All the best, Col.

3 thoughts on “Anya

  1. Hi Colin!!!!
    I am good, thank you!!!! So nice to hear you!!! I am fed up with WOL. It’s crazy there now… cutting the story short, WOL lives it’s own life now, no moderator, no meeting and greeting, nobody cares. I am out! Searching for new ways of expressing myself. How are you? Xxx

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    • I’m sorry to hear that Anya but happy to know you have found a new home here on WordPress and have started a new journey with your writing. I will do my best to persuade my fellow bloggers to come check out your Cozy Corner – I’m sure some of them will oblige, they’re a friendly bunch πŸ˜‰ I’m well otherwise, concentrating my efforts on getting through another dull British winter – chopping logs and writing poetry, often at the same time. There’s a supportive writing community on Twitter too if you ever fancy exploring that medium – great for sharing micropoetry, haikus and the like. Having to adhere to the maximum letter count focuses one’s mind on conciseness and brevity which is a useful writing tool. Anyways, talk soon and have fun with your blogging. Col x

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