one day

one day
when I am dead and gone
I will come visit you in your house

so listen out
for the sound of my footsteps
crunching the gravel on your drive
the squeak of the swing seat
when I take a rest on your porch

I will warm my bones under your southern sun
before opening the screen door with a rattle
look up and see me standing there
as if all our yesterdays
had come again

you will take me to your room
and I will fill your body with heat
the cicadas will talk like typewriters
the moon will wax lyrical
and I will leave through the open window

one day
when I am dead and gone
I will come visit you in your house

4 thoughts on “one day

  1. Quite a stark, threatening first stanza! I originally thought this was a Halloween piece but quickly realised it wasn’t as the ghost appears in daylight. So it could be a dream sequence I think?

    You’ve anchored it abroad too (swing-seat, porch, cicadas etc) I notice so could be an analogy for another USA trip!

    One change I’d recommend, “all our yesterdays” takes me to an altogether different place!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I take your point Graham – location location location! I’m not sure I wanted to root the piece anywhere specific but the temptation was obviously there and won out. I’ve been mainly reading French literature recently and had one eye on a rural provincial setting but that didn’t happen. My Halloween poem about visiting Grannies also never materialised in time but they might yet make an appearance! Cheers, Col.


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