the cows in the fields

the man on the train is weeping falling rain
picking his brain like a pigeon pecking grain
he holds in his hand a picture of a key
and hopes that one day a key will set him free

the girl on the bus is eating pie and puss
doubled up with pain but making little fuss
she holds in her hand a broken bumble bee
and pulls off each leg after saying one two three

the moon in the sky will ask no questions why
untroubled up on high by poets bold or shy
its tranquillity is like a flattened sea
you have to admit you cannot disagree

the cows in the field are semi-demi-monde
fishing for eels in the wavy-gravy-pond
they search in the trees for nuts to throw at me
could this be . . . the way it’s meant to be?




9 thoughts on “the cows in the fields

    • haha yes indeed – I was prompted by a poetry friend who tweeted he was on a train writing poetry. I started thinking about seeing cows in fields and remembered there’s a town in the UK with concrete cows created in 1978 by the Canadian artist Liz Leyh. I think you can see them from the train. So that was my starting point, the final destination was perhaps a little off-kilter as you said with perhaps a dash of Philip K Dick thrown in for good measure 🙂

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  1. Oh! Colin, life here in Milton Keynes could have been so different if it hadn’t been for those bloody cows! They were one of only eight pieces of sculpture commissioned in the town’s infancy and they just happened to be placed near the bloody train line. Pity it wasn’t the startlingly beautiful black horse, hidden away amongst the building. Ah! well.

    Now to the poetry,
    There are two many great lines in this (one of your best for ages) the pigeons, the cows, the bee. Well done sir! Now send me a couple of those little mushrooms please. Best G

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    • Thanks G – I’d hoped you’d pick up on the cows. I was trying to think outside the carriage with this one and rather enjoyed where those thoughts took me – sans champignons magiques! So pleased you liked this one. Cheers, Col.


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