Montana, 1879

The axe falls in time with his breathing
The nutcracker bird calls in time with his swinging
The sun draws beads of sweat from his forehead
The Yellowstone River bends around his homestead

Jessie kneads the dough in time with her singing
Daisy-May and dolly are on the front porch playing
The sun casts shadows through the ponderosa pine
The golden eagles soar along the timberline

Split logs lie around his feet ready for stacking
Autumn fogs and winter snows are beckoning
A refreshing breeze arrives with a solitary cloud
The hay is cut and the fields are ploughed

His axe falls on the last of the day’s labouring
Jessie calls from the window to stop him working
Four riders home into view on the road from Melville
The man reaches for his rifle and time stands still

Oh Sweet Grass County, my beloved family
We worship your land and all its bounty
From the mountains high to the pastures low
We live and breathe as the waters flow


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