he came
and sang
my name
upon the porch
and the winds then carried us both away

my oh my
I was wild
a forest child
back in the day
his north country muse and borderline torch

hobos both
drifters too
howlin’ wolves
in travellin’ shoes
our spirits set free to pick and choose

word strings on
snowflake wings
his Echo from
Minnesota springs
he sang of love and those mountain blues

but now
it’s time
to bid
I wonder, will he remember me at all?

Give and Take

I give – You take
I give a little more – You take a little more

I back off – You take
I back off a little more – You take a little more

I go quiet – You take
I stay quiet – You take a little more

I relent – You take
I relent a little more – You take a little more

I give – You win


I am tired of being angry with this world
of walking up mountains that landslide beneath my feet
dodging boulders that come tumbling across my path

I want to reach some sort of summit and stay there
hold my head up high to the sun and enjoy the view
happy in the knowledge I have found freedom

at last.

Woke up

Woke up, it was a Zappa morning
and the first thing that I heard
was a song inside my windows
from the mofo of inventions
he came a-steaming up like freight train bells
and sang these words to me

Oh, that’s alright folks
We’ll not touch this daylight dial
And we’ll curse it ’till the night comes

Woke up, it was a Mitchell morning
and the first thing that I heard
was the call through yellow curtains
of a taxi cab in the parking lot
that came a-stealing up like the molten sun
to take these words from me

Oh, look out, look out
I’m not the only soul to ever be
Accused of hit and run every second of the day

Woke up, it was a Hendrix morning
and the first thing that I heard
was the dreary sound of a sweeping broom
as it cleared the weeping cobwebs
that fell upon this daybreak like a broken dream
that spilt this cry from within me

Oh won’t you stay
Oh won’t you stay
now the petals of my night time words
have forever blown away


(with a little help from my friends:
Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix)



we sat out on the decking
watched the sun a setting
beyond the line of trees
that marked the boundaries

between our here and yonder

your little patch of Virginia
with trailing bougainvillea
the cicadas sang in millions
and firefly vaudevillians

flashed lights for our wonder

I stayed for just one night
the mosquitoes sure did bite
but your heritage tomatoes
lasted way past hot Key Largo

just like the spell that I was under


a bloodbath of dreams

waking from a bloodbath of dreams
a machete stains red across the sky
how the mind does nightly wander
in silent screams and heinous crimes
the morning comes in pools of grief
a relief to be a survivor once more
but oh at what price we turn the leaf
of life’s weary pages we adore

Peace Puzzle

little pieces of peace
flung around the world like confetti
they fall in the most unlikely of places
and sometimes never fall at all
so what can we do to even the fall
to spread the little pieces more evenly
that my friends is the answer to find
the one and only solution

and to paraphrase Robert Louis Stevenson:

The world is so full of wonderful things
So why are we not all as happy as kings?