Mother fed us plastic today

Mother fed us plastic today
cut up into bite-sized pieces
she mixed it with some fish
to make the dish go further
because times were hard
since Father had drowned
the squall that took him under
one wild and windy day
left us but a single parent family
adrift on the gyre of uncertain seas

4 thoughts on “Mother fed us plastic today

  1. Your poor husband! Put real butter in the margarine pot or vice versa to confuse him! I was looking again at those awful pictures of young seabirds with pieces of plastic in their stomachs and started imagining feeding the same to my children. A bit of a weird thought I know and utterly unacceptable of course. But why do we allow it to be acceptable for wildlife? Balloons are a complete nightmare too. I best stop now else I might rant all night !! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts which are always very much appreciated. Colin.


  2. I love this poem (nearly as much as your “kisses” poem). So sad, desperate and beautiful at the same time.
    I’d also describe it as poetic, but that sounds a bit strange when said about a……poem.

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