a conversation with a lost friend

what you read
and what you hear
is not always true
or not always clear

what you think
and what you learn
is seldom bought
or seldom earned

what you want
and what you see
is not all of you
or not all of me

what we shared
and at what cost
is not our fault
has not been lost


dedicated to those who choose abuse
over forgiveness
who choose misrepresentation
over rational thought
who choose to rant and rave
with closed ears and eyes
in bullying cliques
and who find themselves adrift without hope
and without friends
with ever-more hardened hearts
and blinkered souls.


3 thoughts on “a conversation with a lost friend

  1. The good thing is, you found words expressing how you feel about it.
    The sad thing is, this friendship seems to have ended in a quite dramatic way.
    I’m sorry you had to experience that.

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    • I’m sorry too. It was over a silly misunderstanding that didn’t even warrant an apology. But it seems, for some, apologies count for nothing anyway and making mountains out of mole hills is more important than friendships. Hey-ho. Their loss. I know my conscience is clear and I did everything I could to avoid the break in friendships. It happened some months ago but it still hurts which is why I wrote this. My door is always open…


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