we used to buy for pennies
old Crombie overcoats
from church jumble sales
with smooth ‘n’ silky linings
and boy did they look good
and boy did they feel good
over our ripped jeans
and safety pinned shirts
with laced-up boots
and dyed mohicans
we brought the past back to life
with a pogo and a shout
and we placed our lives
in those warm deep pockets
in mostly small change
and Marlboro tens
our hard won tickets
to see our heroes cavort
The Clash, The Stranglers, Ian Dury
at The Venue or Apollo
taking the train up from Brighton
feet up in the first class smokers
respectfully ignored
because we did look threatening
although in fact
we were just some kids
from white middle class
south of England suburbia
wearing Anti-Nazi League badges
and dead men’s Crombies
from church jumble sales



(inspired by ‘Passing Fashions’ by Chris Armstrong

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