attic space

the attic space
is a crawling space

with spider nest homes
and house fly homes

there are empty boxes
filled up boxes

of odds and ends
that never end

some carpet pieces
lost jigsaw pieces

kids toys for the next

keepsakes from the past

why am I here?
well that’s not so clear

I see the time has flown
the bulb has blown

now I’m all alone
yes I’m all alone

in this dark debris
of  memories

7 thoughts on “attic space

  1. thank you very much Elizabeth. I was thinking about the tagline just the other day and whether or not I should change it to ‘poems and letters to…the world’? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. All the best to you, Colin.


  2. That took me back to an attic in Woking. My aged aunt had hidden her jewellery up there, took me ages to find it, a case within a case within a suitcase, like Russian dolls. But I did find it, along with a lot of other family memorabilia. Glad to hear about the hundred.

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    • Thanks! I spent most of yesterday afternoon up in the attic – more of a crawl space really – replacing a shower ventilation fan. I’m glad to say the fan is working and, along with the damp air, this poem and memories were extracted too. All the best, Colin.


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