Two Toothbrushes in the Toothbrush Holder

Asda breaded fish in packs of two
One for her and one for the freezer
Erm, she wished she could say ‘you’
Likewise with the two fingers of Twix
Or the Kit-Kat orange, her preferred flavour

A pair of Yankee candles upon the table
She lit just one which would ultimately need replacing
Unlike the two glasses of wine, red and rosé
Plates and cutlery both clean and dirty
All in the dishwasher when the meal was over

His and hers matching bathrobes
His was pristine white, hers tinged yellow
She would replace them both together
His to Oxfam to feed the poor
Hers cut up to clean the floor

Two toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder
For as long as she could remember
There had always been a pink for her, a blue for him
Bought from Superdrug or B&M Bargains
She searched the shelves for her favoured colours

A new one of both each and every month
Her used in the bin, his unused in the cupboard
With all the rest, just in case, she told herself
Because a confident smile would attract a man
Well that’s what her Mam had said all those years ago

Now it’s mirror, mirror on the wall
You will only get to see this one sad face
With crow’s feet revealed beneath the day’s make-up
And eyes that avoid making eye contact
Goodnight sweet prince, goodnight my life

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