in front of rothko

i saw a man crying in front of rothko

in a room that was very empty –


the gallery attendant turned away

fiddled with his kandinsky cufflinks

muttered obsequiously as if

diffuse ambient light filled the space

between them


“if you are only moved by color relationships

then you miss the point”


outside the crying man’s confusion

orange, red, yellow, light orange

were but cacophonous caprices –

untamed plains of discontinuity in

a burnished mirage


then why do you cry? I asked

is it because you see your soul

upon the canvas

laid bare?


“i am interested in expressing

the big emotions –

tragedy, ecstasy, doom.”


the gallery attendant clicked and scraped

impatient black leathered heals –

coughed politely and

pointed to his wristwatch

in a room that was very empty


in front of rothko



Art Credit: Mark Rothko No.5/No.22. Quote: Mark Rothko

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