The Ghost of Christmas Past

will you send me

a cute cat in a tree

Christmas card

bought from Woolies

in a box of fifty

printed on thin paper

slightly out of focus

cheap and purply?


will you fill my stocking

with a tangerine

some wrinkled walnuts

a Matchbox hot rod car

coloured crayons

chocolate coins

a pair of silly socks

sweets and little things?


will Santa bring me

an orange Chopper bike

some Scalextric track

a new football

togs and pads

or a hamster

in a cage with straw

and running wheel?


will I sleep tonight

with eyes tight shut

sheets pulled high

night light on

in my box bedroom

with pop posters

on the yellow woodchip walls

and teddy next to me?


will the adult voices

in the hall downstairs

please quieten down

and say goodbye

to the next door neighbours

replace the tele mumble with

footsteps and secret whispers

of tipsy parents going to bed?


will Christmas ever be

as magical as this again

for when I was a 70’s child

there never was any worry for me

of buying the latest gadget technologies

from shopping centres packed with madness

or caring for our elderly parents

and getting right those turkey timings?


so will the Ghost of Christmas Past

Come in! Come in!

and know me better

now I’m a man

and look upon me

as never before

and find the boy

that lives no more?



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