makes you think
does it make you think?
all this headfucking messing
when our flat earth is spinning 
in a vaccinated orbit
a frisbee of uberpanic living
constantly decoding
the death rate coding
and globally aren’t we warming?
not to the idea / but / apocalyptically
it’s kinda fascinating / apologetically 
in a / selfishly / what will it do for me
bio live / café cultured / sidewalk sculptured
mentally disabling / frontal lobe featured
formulating opinions then overheating
your sunday schooling never counting
for nothing          /       for nothing
so be it           /           so eat it
so fattening     /          so ugly nada
you pugfaced pugilists...................
whatcha gonna do when the sky caves in? and
whatcha gonna do when the wells run dry?
there are too many live wires
and not enough connecting me
there are too many white liars
and not nearly enough poetry
and not enough peacemakers
and not enough soothsayers
neither nor / or nothing more
either neither / take a breather
easypeasy lemon squeezy
from esoteric to hyperbolic
the meanings in the scientific
or dog end dreamers / take yer pick
of daily dwindlers / fractured femurs
these drug fuelled feelings that make us high
and there you are / yes you / yes you
overthere pointing / yes pointing
across this zippolighted heavenly casement
to a stash of cash so high it drowns us
in all its impossibleabilities
it makes you think
does it make you think?
does it make you hit that panic button?
reproduction or malfunction?
the one that says you’re too old to make it
step back a bit for no good reason
cry freedom / cry for a season
cryogenically weep in wordy wonders
that we are all merely mass / mere mortals
meaningless conundrums simply faking it
soon to be / dust covered / shrouded
corpses buried / undergrounded
floating down the oily ganges
burnt in motherfucking hades
call it what the hell you like
maybe poison us beyond belief
self-harming gives us self-relief
life’s just some weird form of
a token taste of death’s own
of being / or not being a human being
makes you think
but does it make you think?
really? / does it ?
make you think?
make you realize are significant.


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