The Keeper of Thoughts

so Bill

I was just wondering

when will you be done

taking your photographs

you were never this long

in the roll of film days

when you had a couple dozen shots

but now there’s no stopping you


my mother had always been

just wondering

patiently sat filing her nails

flicking through glossy magazines

Harpers and Queen

Vanity Fair

the breathtaking scenery

had never interested her


we’d drive out each weekend

take the Oldsmobile panting up

The Skyline Drive or

Blue Ridge Highway

there were swallowtails

and black bears

if you knew just where to look

and point your toy pistols


mother watched

from the passenger seat

window wound down

breeze blowing her mini beehive

the ten most alluring women

in the world

she would read out loud and

how to marry a billionaire Bill


poor father was a delivery man

never an ambitious bone

in his weary body

the long hours delivering parcels

exacted a price on his arthritis

but you would not hear him complain

just a few more minutes honey

he would quietly say


all those Kodachrome slides

he never showed or looked at them

they sat boxed

gathering dust

like his simple thoughts

over time he feared he would one day lose

our sunny days wandering Big Meadows

with mother in the car wondering


the names of our favorite places

still sing in my ears

they echo out from overlooks

call me back each year

to Riprap Trail

Hawksbill Gap

Elkwallow and

Bacon Hollow


now I am the keeper of his thoughts

unlocked and free to wander

projected overhead

we watch them on the big screen

there’s me I point

pistols at the ready

and mom smiling and waving

a cripple with withered legs



(apologies for posting this poem twice on the Daily Post one word prompt slot. My other blog is winding down now that I am coming to the end of my travels and I inadvertently added this to that although it does have relevance there too. Managing multiple WordPress blogs from a smartphone is not always without its glitches)

Swipe (v.9. 16.16)

Greenshank Warhol Monika

the hex filled monk

and HIV Cruickshank

owner of the Hawaiian ski chateau

met Moira Edo with her

Goodnight Knights featuring

PJ Plunge the rethinker

looking everso F-stop Kuhn bold

on the road to K.D’s Lounge


There’s this geek up on Outgrew Creek

said Greenshank Warhol Monika

The police jugfested him today / okay

tried to thread poor Jerry Potter’s hooker

He’s Ethiopian / the type you weigh and rip

as if it were Hollywood or Vlad / or

Dustin Hoffman in the Grad / or Greek

Ought we to trip? spoke Moira underbreath

if we’d to loop old Polovitch? sonofabitch


For Iris Offshoot the workweek endeth

She took u and ur and rested upendeth

The Goodnight Knights took hydraulics

said it gave them a lift / made them suspended

but no one knew except PJ Plunge

the rethinker and Master Conjurer

knifing / oiling / decking / lining

Life’s death rhythm abuser

The arch ingress Welch Kruger


Yes her that married HIV Cruickshank

the owner of the Hawaiian ski chateau

The nights they spent ethylene wishing

justifying lifts and hailing storm clouds

earth rich / restful / potted

uninjured like chilly myths sought

outweighed / omitted / outgrowing

The Knights were outriding

servo judging Keith’s jitters


Hush Hush Khufu

your gifts occur plighted

rock harshened / injured / interned / jilted

Leah turns to Greenshank Monika

sheds tear upon tear upon tear upon

the footstep door of K.D’s Lounge

an open door to Golden Operatunities

but only kisses fled her billed cheek

tongued entwined with reminiscences


It was time to place the full stop .



Swipe (v.9.7.16)

Phish Michael the chieftaincy nighthawk

Michael the buffalo finisher

with easygoing visitations

sublisting coastal ziggurats

oboist nights twinkle

Katydid bigger than Chadwick


cherishing Icterus

kick-starting her nightreading

omnibuse universes inviting curtsies

punctuating the nightfall

the modern costar occurs finished

united under that effigy’s OS

Nah, the burgers are underwear

an omnibuse phaser nightdress

Gustaf hurrahs

reserves the cistern eduction

universes omnibuses

omnibuses nightdress

Willamette allows sleep boosting

undresses w increases

nightdress nightdress bursty omnibuses which birds nightdress omnibuses omnibuses backfire

his majesty McCurdy

musicians object to such under I’ve nursed

judged judged

hey all, get such CB in Utah

Hugh’s scything knife

SD, try to kings week DJ

DJ, Sergio’s wasteful wasteful lights

think Erich Onyx’s wiring

huge RD lighter

a further grudge fight

dryer high VHF

weigh the oiling search

hugging deduct stfu innings

so just offset

it’s hurrah


hairy idiot

ST, just UDF disturb gf

VH, the Irish dished

disused didn’t audit gig

did f Irish

rudish did


It came to me Zach Crusoe

kewpies and turkeys

wirebirds and bonesteel

trunk full of white rabbits

a young buck strapped across the hood

head full of bourbon and Mystique

head on full kilter ramrod

lodged milktooth scratching mosquito bites

rancid Vermilion Juice


seventy five eighty

Pump it up !!

Pump it up !!


Omnibuse Nightdress v.9.7.16