show me something red

I am driving  through a white van landscape that feels

The white corpuscle lines of dot-com deliveries
Traffic jamming
Under passing

Summer storms gutter flooding the soft verges
Washed out
Flat tire broke
Ego deflating
The uneasy driver

We are all paying for life’s highway maintenance
In vertical rain shards
In roundabout ways
In transit
In cold blood

Quick, show me something red like a heartbeat
A Ferrari sunset
Monroe’s lips
Albino eyes
Mushroom clouds

Climbing the hill now in a snaking switchback line
Losing speed


2 thoughts on “show me something red

  1. For those kind people who liked this poem, if you get to read this, I have tidied it up a little and added one of my pics. I was driving from Wales to West Sussex in the UK to visit my Mum and posted the first line as a random thought on my Facebook page. The rest kinda followed later in the day or night and fitted nicely with that day’s WordPress one word prompt: journey. Hope you like the additions?


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